Considerations for Achieving Your Trade Show Objectives

March 6, 2023
Considerations for Achieving Your Trade Show Objectives

It’s crucial for your team to understand why you are spending valuable budget dollars to exhibit at trade shows.  Planning and a firm understanding of your overall marketing strategy is key to realizing the exhibit’s design.  Here are some trade show considerations that can help you with that.

Objective 1:  New Service or Product Launch


  • What visual approach will you use?
  • Will there be product demonstrations or video presentations?
  • Are the benefits and differences from competitors clearly outlined?
  • Will there be samples or free trials offered?
  • Will you need special requirements like refrigeration, running water or a heavy-duty power supply?

Objective 2: Lead/Prospect Generation


  • What is the draw for your booth?
  • Have you recently updated your graphics with eye catching images?
  • Are you using new technology to grab attention?
  • Did you send out pre-show invitations offering attendees an incentive to visit your booth?
  • Was social media, targeted PPC advertising, the show website and other digital avenues used to market your presence at the show?

Objective 3: Building Brand Awareness


Is your brand message consistent throughout your entire marketing platform, including your web site, promotional items, and collateral?

  • How are you creating a memorable brand experience?
  • Will you send out a post-show mailer that further emphasizes your brand?
  • What is the overall impression you want visitors to leave with?

Objective 4: Entering a New Market


  • What sets you apart from existing companies in this market?
  • Does your trade show exhibit clearly and easily explain who you are and what you do?
  • Have you researched your competitors’ marketing initiatives?
  • Why should prospects choose your product or service?

Objective 5: Retaining Customers


  • How do you thank your current customers when they stop by your booth?
  • Do you have giveaways that show them they are appreciated?
  • Have you set up a hospitality event at the show to further encourage their business?

Objective 6: Recruiting New Employees


  • Who is staffing your booth?
  • Are they excited and energized about the company?
  • Are they knowledgeable about your products and goals?

Just like a rock climber, it's important to plan your next step to achieving your goal.  Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your company’s trade show exhibit design, and use visual cues that tie in with your message.  LED wall animations look very cool, but their content should be designed as in integral part of what you are communicating to your audience. 

The best advice is to start planning your design months out, and brainstorm with your marketing and sales teams to tie it in to the marketing campaign you’ll be promoting.

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